At Chabaar Beyond Thai we don’t mess around when it comes to spice. We have a scale of 1-10 in spice. As many of our customers know a 2 is HOT and a 3 is VERY HOT.

If you are new to Chabaar we can start you off with a 3 at the highest- believe us you will be impressed with the HEAT.

Start off with a lower number you will be happy with the spice level. Ask for the special recipe Hot Sauce created by owner Anny Sooksri- add it to your dishes to layer in even more HEAT and flavor.

The Wall of Flame is for the brave regulars who have worked their way up to a 10. Are you up for the challenge? start ‘training’ building up spice levels.


Here Is what some of Our Customers Have Said about THE SPICE

I really like this place. Its not your everday Thai restaurant. Great food. The people that work there are very friendly. Dont let your ego get you into trouble when they ask you what kind of spice level you want, they will tell you to try a 1 or a 2 if its your first time. Its awesome.
— Rob H - Google+
I love the hotter spices, expect a 2 of 10 here to be about a 4 of 5 at most places.
This is my favorite place for Thai in Utah. The building itself isn’t 100% perfect, but its a small business owner, what do we all expect? Chabaar stands out to me as a cut above.

Dishes can be ordered vegetarian or even vegan (most curry pastes use a small amount of shrimp or fish paste so sometimes vegan isn’t possible at some Thai places).
— Constance W.- Yelp
My girlfriend is Thai and she approves. I’ve had a lot of Thai food (including her mom’s) and I approve. Very tasty. My favorite part is that the food is ACTUALLY SPICY. It is hard to find a place that won’t give you “white people spicy” food. That being said, I love spicy food and 2 (out of 9) is my limit. This will become a regular dinner spot for us.
— Eric B. - Yelp
One of the chefs told me that they make their own chili powder from fresh Thai chilies. They roast them and then grind them in the restaurant. The heat scale is interesting — I argued with the waitress to put my order in for a 5 out of 10 but finally gave in and ordered a 3 heat. I was sweating at that level (it was much hotter than I expected)!
— Geof S - Google +
Their tom yum soup is delicious- and consistent. Tried some of my friends curry pot pie- now that was amazing, definitely recommend that dish if you haven’t tried it. Their heat levels are intense so be careful when ordering. I usually order level 1, decided to be adventurous one night and kick it up to 1.5- took about 3 bites and finally surrendered.
— Anita C - Yelp
One of the best restaurants I’ve been to in awhile, I got the Pad Thai and it was amazing I did spicy level 2, just 2 out of 9 and it was hot really good but hot.
They also won’t serve you above a 3 for your first time, and with good reason! Definitely give this place a chance I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.
— Chase H - Yelp