A Unique balance of flavor,


& presentation. 

Tea Rose Diner 

65 East 5th Ave Murray Utah (801) 685-6111

Hours: Monday 10:30am- 3:00pm, Tuesday - Thursday 10:30am - 3:00pm 5:00-9:00pm Friday & Saturdays 10:30am - 3:00pm 5:00-9:00pm Sundays Closed 

Thai food like no where else-

The spiciness of Thai cuisine like only Anny's restaurants can offer.

Tea Rose has an unique decor and atmosphere - It was converted to Tea Rose Diner from a burger and hot dog joint- Anny adopted the decor when she opened Tea Rose Diner in 2007 and made it her own.

Anny Sooksri spent her childhood in Thailand food has always been her passion. Her travels and experience taught her to appreciate the good things, she created Tea Rose Diner as a place to create her favorite foods, fuel her passion and cook for family and friends. 



Some Of The Signature Dishes

Tea Rose Diner offers a huge selection of Teas Blended Teas, Herbal Tisanes or Infusion Teas, Breakfast, Earl Gray and Oolong, Black and Green Teas an amazing selection any tea lover should see.

Spice Levels

Wall of Flame Tea Rose Diner

At Tea Rose Diner we take Spice seriously - if you are looking for spicy this is the place for you. Tea Rose Diner has a scale of 1-10 in spice. As many of our customers know a 2 is HOT and a 3 is VERY HOT.

If you are new to Tea Rose Diner we can start you off with a 3 at the highest- believe us you will be impressed with the HEAT.  Start off with a lower number you will be happy with the spice level.


Ask for the Special Recipe Hot Sauce created by owner Anny Sooksri- add it to your dishes to layer in even more HEAT and flavor.

The Wall of Flame is for the brave regulars who have worked their way up to a 10. Are you up for the challenge? start ‘training’ building up spice levels.



Here is what some of our Customers are saying about THE SPICE

This place makes spicy dishes!  I originally ordered a 6.  ALL the surrounding tables rubbernecked around with "that's cute, you silly (stupid) girl" looks on their faces.  The waitress quickly said, "Let's get you a 2 and you can add more chili paste if you like."  Best advice ever!  I typically order a 7 in a scale of 1-10, and a 2 was PLENTY!   Really- PLENTY!! 
That said, food and flavors were wonderful!  I'll definitely return! - Jackie F- Yelp

The food is delish without the spice. With the spice, it’s AWESOME. With my timid heat-fearing taste buds, I only dare venture up to a 1.5 on their 1 - 10 scale. It’s good enough that it makes this weakling venture outside the normal limits to get that extra shot of flavorful “yeah!”.

My braver heat-loving friends don’t go beyond 3. I’m talking serious sweat-inducing pink cheeked heat.
— Lorin J - Yelp